Tips for natural fuller and healthier lips

Just like our skin, hair and every single part of our body ages, Lips do too! 
Try these natural tips for obtaining fuller and healthier lips: 

Gently brush your lips in an exceedingly little circular motion with toothbrush this can facilitate in removing dead skin of lips. Rubbing them gently will stimulate the blood flow and therefore the lips are plump naturally. Finally apply lip balm on your lips.

Lip Scrub:
Mix 2 tablespoon of brown sugar and ½ tablespoon of olive oil in a bowl. Gently massage on to the lips in slow circular motion for 15-20 min then wash it off. Subsequently apply lip gloss or lip balm to make it more pout and glossy.

Natural Lip plumper: 
Take a drop of peppermint oil or cinnamon oil and little lip balm and mix them well. Apply it on your lips. It'll provide a natural pout to your lips. You can find both these oils in drug store or in local super market.

Celazome Lip Treat is a soft and effective lip plump that contains 10 botanical ingredients and peptides. This lip treat is great because it plumbs, hydrates and exfoliates all at the same time. Apply celazome lip treat to your lips everyday, this will help in nourishing your lips, leaving them smoother, glossier and healthier.

Drink 2-3 glass of organic lemon water each day to stay your lips smooth and hydrated. This will make your lips look fuller. Drinking lemon water will help you to cleanse your system.

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